Ken Lomax Landscaping

Landscape & Garden Maintenance

From 1 January 2019 this part of the business will be owned and operated by Tanya Mostert, trading as Simply Gardens.  To contact Tanya call 022 122 0362, [email protected].

Tanya is haptanyapy to call round and discuss your
maintenance requirements with you on site.




  • Quality workmanship guaranteed
  • Free estimates/quotes

Basic garden maintenance

Our basic garden maintenance service is a fortnightly service – cutting and edging lawns, weeding garden beds, trimming shrubs.

Garden tidy-ups

If your garden has become overgrown, or you have a special occasion around the corner, allow us to restore your garden to its  former glory by shaping and pruning of shrubs and hedges, general dead heading and garden bed clean ups as well as lawn renovation.

Expert pruning

Different plants need pruning in different ways. We can prune for height control, shape, and/or flower and fruit production. We also carry out annual rose pruning during the winter.

Lawn renovation

We can improve your lawn by spraying, scarifying, topdressing, fertilising and seeding for encouragement of new growth in existing grass areas.


Using an organic mulch like bark or pea straw helps retain soil moisture, moderates soil temperature and assists with weed control. In addition, as it rots down it increases the nutrient content of the soil. Alternatively we can install weed mat and decorative stone pebbles or chip, which also retains soil moisture and assists with weed control.

Hedge trimming

We can schedule our visits as often as you require to keep your hedges looking neat and tidy all through the year

Weed & pest control

We can offer options for controlling weeds, pests and diseases in your garden, using organic or inorganic methods.

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